I graduated college with a BS in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. After spending 10 years in the corporate world I had the opportunity to purse my passion for health and wellness. I obtained certifications in group fitness,  personal training , Mat Pilates, TRX, Water Aerobics, Strength Training for Seniors and much more.My most recent qualification was my health coaching certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have always believed in the power of exercise because it came naturally to me and I saw the positive results first hand. Nutrition is a concept that is foreign to most people. Access to information is so easy  which is part of the confusion. For every study you read that something is bad for you, there are several more that says it is good. No wonder people have no idea what to eat and how to lose weight. Information overload. I keep it simple by teaching my clients how to eat real food and monitor how each person's body responds. Food is energy. 

My Passions

I love movement. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed running, flipping, hanging, whatever I could do to test the boundaries of my body. Through the years I have enjoyed many sports. Growing up I enjoyed gymnastics and swimming then moved on to field hockey, volleyball, softball, and even cheerleading. During and after college I needed to find an activity to stay in shape, but the structured sports were not longer at my disposal. I tried exercise classes, workouts on tape (WOW, I just showed my age) , outdoor walking and jogging, and even picked up a tennis racquet with friends.  Even though the type of exercises have changed over the years I believe that my commitment to movement has enabled me to stay strong and flexible. Find something you enjoy and it won't seem like exercise. My latest passion is Crossfit and Tennis, but my body also loves Pilates and Water exercise. I would never have thought that I enjoyed lifting weights as much as I do.  There is something about lifting 100 pounds over your head that makes you feel like a complete bad ass and that you can accomplish anything. I have always loved competitive sports and luckily USTA provides that for tennis for adults, yippee !!! Pilates keeps my core strong so I can  excel in my other activities pain free which means a lot at my age. Go ahead guess..........I will give you a hint. I grew up playing kick the can and flashlight tag. I wore leg warmers the first time they were cool and could peg my jeans perfectly. If you have no clue what I am talking about, ask your parents. Age is only a number and in no way reflects attitude, strength, or confidence.