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Being in the health industry I may be extra sensitive to the health of people around me. I love learning  from my clients, just as much as they enjoy learning from me. Just because I may have more knowledge in certain areas pertaining to getting healthy means nothing without the information each client brings to the table about their individual bodies. It is never too late to get in shape, but it is much easier to stay in shape rather then to get in shape. Let's look at the reasons most popular with people for not taking the step to improve their health.....

1. I know what to do, I just need to do it. 

2. I don't like healthy food.

3. I have no willpower.

4. I am content being fat and happy

5. I don't know what to eat. What used to work, doesn't work any more.

6. I ate healthy for a few weeks and nothing happened so I quit.

7. I don't like to exercise.

The real question is why you are afraid to be healthy. Everyone has preconceived ideas about what it takes, but until you have actually gone through the steps personally you don't know what it will take for YOU to be healthy. It may be easier than you think, or it may be harder, but you will never know until you try. We live in a time that people want instant change. If there are not huge changes in the first month most people give up because they think it is not working. Did you become unhealthy in 4 weeks ? NO !!! So what makes you think you can undo all the damage of years of bad habits and wake up healthy after a few short weeks ? It requires discipline, focus, and motivation to reach your goals in health. This applies to the same as life. You rarely reach your work goals without working for them. Funding your retirement account doesn't just happen without the proper planning and implementation.  

It is time to invest in your health just like the rest of your goals in life. Let's start today. Contact me at . 


Never too late to improve your health