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3125 Miles………16 states (Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma ) 2 kids…….1 dog (95 pound lab)

  1. Sleep – As much as I love a schedule sleep is more important.  As long as I get 7-8 hours of solid sleep I am ready to go, if not  it will be an uphill battle all day. I often refer to this difference as Sybil. If you are not old enough to remember Sally Field’s amazing performance in this movie you should check it out. A few secrets on this trip were crucial. This is the first time I traveled with my Tempurpedic pillow and it was definitely worth it. My husband went through 4 pillows during one of our stays and several restless nights trying to find the right pillow. Making sure I was hydrated before going to bed was important since we were on vacation and enjoyed more beverages than normal.  If we had an early morning activity go to bed at a reasonable time. It is much easier than you think to get enough sleep when you cut time sucking activities.
  2. Plan, Plan, Plan – There are several areas that can send me over the edge if I have not planned properly. I always book a hotel ahead of time. Although it may have saved me some time on a few legs of the trip since I was ahead of schedule on some days it gave me piece of mind knowing that I had a nice hotel to stay and didn’t have to worry where I would stop with 2 kids and a dog. I drink a lot of water and snack often so making sure that I had my water bottled filled up and extra water on hand and healthy snacks available were crucial. I didn’t do a shopping trip at every location, but packed my GO TO staples (Arbonne Chocolate protein, Fiber Boost, Citrus Fizz sticks. More details at Jody Vinson Arbonne ) and picked up a few snacks at travel stops such as roasted almonds, beef jerky, hummus, apples, grapes and a tootsie pop.
  3. Bathroom breaks – The bathroom can make or break a good trip. Getting your digestion in order before a trip is key. If you avoid trips because of your bathroom troubles, contact me today. A few simple changes can change your life !!  I have had many clients  as well as friends and family members that avoid vacations before of this subject. You can train your digestion system just like any other muscle in your body. Most of your digestion is done at night when you are relaxed from the stress of the day. With that being said there are lots of factors to consider. I won’t go into detail here, but contact me if you would like to train your digestion system.  The main factors for me are water intake, protein, fat, fiber, probiotics, and limiting the crap.  Vacation is supposed to be a time to splurge on foods you don’t normally eat so do it. If you are taking care of your gut, it will take care of you and process these foods with ease. If you know certain foods send you to the bathroom then avoid them. There are tons of great tasting foods that don't send you to the bathroom or suffering with stomach cramps for hours or even days. Choose wisely and don't be afraid to ask for special foods when dining out. You are not being difficult, it is setting yourself up for success. 
  4. No night driving – During the summer there are 12+ hours of daylight so there is plenty of time to drive. Since I was driving without my husband this is important for me. Luckily I did not run into anything disastrous such as a flat tire or road accident. Driving while it is light outside helps to cut the risk of road problems drastically. After spending so many hours on the road in 16 states,  I do wonder why almost every construction zone I traveled through with bright orange signs and barrels had 0 people working on the roads. The speed limit drops by a minimum of 15 mph, the lanes shift, and ultimately traffic slows down and nobody was working. It was frustrating, but that is one of those things that I cannot control so why stress. One of my GO TO items, Arbonne Fizz Sticks was great in this area. This citrus flavored packet of goodness contains lots of vitamins and nutrients and adaptogens. If you are not familiar with adaptogens, let me give you the cliff notes version. They are natural herbs that help your body to adapt to stressful situations. When I found myself chuckling at a lady trying to park and backing up traffic instead of getting pissed off when running late getting my kids to practice I knew something was different. I was able to stick to the no night driving guideline except for the last hour of the final trip. We decided to stop for one last vacation treat at Dairy Queen and the travel center had a great dog park so the dog was happy too.  We knew our last stop was home so we were willing to take the risk.
  5. Have fun !!!!! – Vacation is all about taking a break from work and school and having fun. The kids have to get up early for school so sleeping in is important to them. This is also when they tend to grow a few inches with that extra sleep. Does that mean you let them sleep until Noon every day? No, but when you don’t have an activity planned let them sleep and take the time to enjoy playing cards with Mom , coffee with Dad, or maybe a few extra hours of sleep or time to read for yourself.

Vacation is a time to get together with friends and family and enjoy the summer weather and activities that come along with it. Enjoy foods that you don’t typically eat, but don’t go overboard. Take time to sleep in, take a nap, read a book, or try a new activity. Some people even lose weight during vacation due to the lack of stress. If you are one of these people then stress if a big trigger for you. Take this time to look at your life and enjoy it. If you are not in a place where you are happy with your life then make plans to get to a happy place.

My passion is helping people take control in their life. Contact me today if you are ready to improve your quality of life.  Life is short, so enjoy it.